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Some questions you may have

What is a Proposal of Application Notice?

A Proposal of Application Notice is a legal requirement for applicants of larger scale developments that are classified as “major” in the Scottish Planning System. Applicants must give appropriate notice to a local planning authority of their intention to submit a major planning application, including details of a pre-application consultation programme that must be undertaken. Housing developments are classed as major if 50 or more dwellings are proposed or if the area of the development site is equal to or greater than 2 hectares (approximately 5 acres). On 12th August 2021, a Proposal of Application Notice was submitted to Angus Council for this proposed development, which has been given the reference 21/00661/PAN.

What is the application procedure for this development?

In the first instance, Barratt and David Wilson Homes North Scotland submitted a Proposal of Application Notices to Angus Council, on 12th August 2021 expressing their intention to submit a planning application for this development. For an explanation of Proposal of Application Notice, please see the previous question. As part of that notice, we set out arrangements for this pre-application consultation programme, in which we are required to give the public details of our proposal and the opportunity to provide feedback, including at a live event. In ordinary circumstances, a public exhibition would have been held, but COVID-19 guidance and regulations allow for online events to be held as a safer alternative, until lockdown restrictions have fully eased. Once the consultation has ended, we will submit a Pre-Application Consultation Report to Angus Council in support of any future application for the development, which will summarise your feedback and explain how your feedback has influenced the proposals.

What has changed since the previous proposals for the site?

Previous Context

An application was lodged for a similar proposal in March 2014 which was refused in January 2015. At that time, this site had been identified by Angus Council as their preferred direction of growth for Monifieth, in their Main Issues Report (2013), which is the first stage of preparing a new Local Development Plan for the area. Development of the land at Victoria Grange, controlled by Taylor Wimpey was proposed by the Council as an alternative strategy. The Scottish Government require plans to be updated every 5 years to reflect changing circumstances in the area and the Angus Local Plan Review (2009) was therefore out of date. Additionally the Council are required to maintain a 5-year supply of effective housing land (land which is available for development and not subject to major constraints) at all times; and in the South Angus Housing Market area, (which covers Monifieth and Carnoustie), the land supply at the time of the last application was 2.69 years. Therefore there was a pressing need for Angus Council to approve development proposals which could address this shortfall, in accordance with Scottish Government requirements.

Taylor Wimpey submitted a similar application for 350-400 homes at the same time and for the same reason, these applications were determined following a public hearing. The Council’s recommendation at that time was that the site to the west of Victoria Road was preferred as: “That site is considered more suitable to address the current shortfall in effective housing land supply and is generally compatible with development plan policy” as it was a contained site (bounding residential development on the west, south and with Victoria Street and the A92 providing robust boundaries to the north and east).

Current Context

The Strategic Development Plan for the area (Tayplan) was approved in 2016 and it sets out the Housing Land Requirement for the 20 year period of 2016–2036, and it is for the respective Local Development Plans, in this case the Angus LDP, to allocate sufficient deliverable housing sites to meet those strategic housing targets. Those targets maintain including a 5 year housing land supply in the South Angus Housing Market Area at all times. The current adopted Angus LDP Local Development is due to go out of date next month (September 2021) and we believe this could have knock-on consequences for ensuring there is an effective housing land supply within the South Angus Housing Market Area. Barratt and David Wilson Homes North Scotland believe that the land to the north of Monifieth is the most logical area for the future growth of the settlement and would make a significant contribution to the area through the delivery of family homes, affordable homes and provision for uses to benefit the wider community.

Will a new masterplan be proposed?

Angus Council have paused the preparation of their replacement Local Development Plan as the planning system in Scotland is undergoing a period of change. The new Local Development Plan (Angus Plan) will be prepared under the new legislative requirements of the Planning (Scotland) Act 2019, however further detail on how this will work is yet to be published. It is likely that the current LDP will be more than 8 years old before it is replaced.

Barratt and David Wilson Homes North Scotland have maintained an open dialogue with Angus Council regarding their aspirations to undertake a comprehensive masterplan exercise which will look at the options for long term, sustainable community growth in this area, incorporating community facilities, public parkland, walks and other amenities, alongside housing tailored to meet the requirements in the community. At an appropriate stage in the preparation of the new Local Development Plan, this will be promoted as an option for the development of Monifieth.

At this time, however, when the Local Development Plan falls out of date (which it will in September 2021) and once the current housing allocations in Monifieth are completed, there is a requirement to propose a smaller scale proposal to the Council to maintain adequate housing land supply. Other developers in the South Angus Housing Market Area are currently preparing proposals on this basis and this is our proposal.

What type of homes will be provided?

Approximately 300 homes are proposed across the site and it is expected that a range of homes will be provided to meet different needs and demands. At this early stage, we are still designing the development and we will likely seek Planning Permission in Principle in the first instance, for which full details of layout, siting and design will not be required. If Planning Permission in Principle is granted, full details of layout, siting and design will be provided in support of a further application seeking Approval of Matters Specified in Conditions (i.e. conditions of the Planning Permission in Principle).

Will the homes be affordable?

In accordance with the affordable housing policies of the current Angus Local Development Plan, at least 25% of the proposed homes will be made available for affordable tenure. The exact nature of this is yet to be determined but we expect affordable homes will be made available in shared equity and/or shared ownership schemes.

Will there be any community facilities or shops?

The description of the proposed development is ‘residential led’ so other uses could be included. The purpose of this public consultation is to identify any aspirations for other uses from the local community and whether these can be included in any application.

Where will the access be?

It is anticipated that the primary access to the site will be from Victoria Street. A Transportation Assessment will accompany any application and will inform the design of this junction, taking into account neighbouring developments and traffic movements to and from the A92.

Will there be a link road between Victoria Street and Broomhill Drive?

A link could be created between Victoria Street and Broomhill Drive if this is an aspiration of the local community and supported by Angus Council. This could achieve more direct connectivity for traffic using the A930 Barry Road and avoid additional traffic going through the town centre. Clearly, any such link would need to be considered as part of any Transport Assessment and could be implemented on the basis that the land involved forms part of the adopted road surface. A connection with Victoria Street is shown on the indicative framework, however we need to fully understand the operation, suitability and potential impact on the existing road network before finalising potential vehicular access points.

Where will children living in the development go to school?

The catchment schools for the site are Seaview Primary School and Monifieth High School. A detailed Education Assessment will be submitted with any application which will identify any capacity issues, potential mitigation and whether developer contributions will be required to remedy any constraints All new development is required to contribute financially to address any impacts that would arise from new homes in an area and this proposal is would be no exception.

Angus Council has secured funding through the Learning Estate Investment Programme to construct a replacement Monifieth High School, with an increased capacity – to accommodate existing and future residents – which will open in August 2025.

Will there be new open space provided? If so, what kind and where?

A key focus of Barratt and David Wilson Homes North Scotland is the creation of great places to live and appropriate landscaping and provision of open space is essential to this. There are excellent opportunities for the provision of open space for both passive and active recreation. The land controlled by Barratt and David Wilson Homes is considerable and previous masterplans for the site anticipated a town park in the northern part of the proposed application site.

Identifying and using any existing notable features of a site is a simple way of instilling a sense of place in the design, as they provide the definition between built up areas and the open countryside and may include peripheral areas of open space that are important to the settlement’s setting and character. Likewise, understanding the site and identifying all the constraints and opportunities is key to a successful design outcome.

The intention here is to landscape the land to the north of the development to provide a new parkland and to protect the views across the Firth of Tay from the A92. Open amenity space will be provided throughout the development, which will complement a strong framework of streets and spaces to provide connectivity for active travel within the site and connecting to the existing streets.

Will there be capacity in the local GP Surgery?
On the issue of space at GP practices, we recognise there are concerns about capacity among residents of Monifieth and surrounding areas. When an application is submitted, we would expect the Health Board to comment on the application if they believe there is insufficient capacity in the local GP network. If so, developer contributions could be used to create additional capacity.